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VLS Vision and Goals

VLS vision of legal education is to ensure justice oriented legal education to contribute to the realization of values enshrined in the Constitution of India. Legal education must also inculcate the need to observe the highest standards of professional ethics and a spirit of public service. In order to achieve these goals legal education needs to be broad based, multi disciplinary, multi functional and contextual. The phenomenon of globalization provides an important context in relation to which the vision and goals of legal education have to be concretized.

An important aim of legal education is also to meet the growing demands of the legal services market without undermining the public service character of the law school/university. Complete Placement assistance will be provided to students.

The new developmental agenda needs knowledge of international practices and transcends the established view that the purpose of legal education is only to generate practicing lawyers. The aim of legal education also should be to create lawyers who are comfortable and skilled in ‘dealing’ with the differing legal systems and cultures that make up our global community while remaining strong in one’s own national legal system.

To impart these skills a combination of various internationally proven teaching methods including lectures, the case-study method, and problem oriented exercises are required. Imaginative pedagogic methods including field surveys and visits, simulated legal environments, and legal aid clinics may be used. Consideration may be given to evolving a transnational curriculum to be taught jointly by a global faculty through video conferencing and internet modes.

  • Establishing global centre of legal excellence with a broad strategy and roadmap
  • Broad based content and scope of legal education in the context of constitutional goals
  • Restructuring governance of legal education system accordingly
  • Regional and Advanced Centers of legal research excellence to advance policy Development/teacher training/generating new knowledge
  • Legal knowledge management through legal education grid through Information and Communication Technologies (“ICT”) and distance learning.

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