Give to VLS and VLS continues to give you the opportunities to hear from and learn from the most able legal minds as well as opportunities to meet incredible people and to make valuable contacts.

Monetary support to VLS provides financial stability to VLS—it ensures that VLS can withstand economic adversity and minimize the impact of fiscal fluctuations on the Law School community. It plays a vital role in limiting tuition increases and in supporting key initiatives. Important programs such as financial aid, research, and the Low Income Protection Plan, as well as numerous student organizations, depend on the monies given to the Annual Fund.

Funds to the Vidyavikas Law School helps to:

  • Defray the cost of each student’s tuition and expenses
  • Underwrite budgets for student organizations
  • Ensure that facilities are kept in excellent condition
  • Fund important faculty research initiatives
  • Support the operating budget
  • Provide the flexibility to meet the changing needs of the School
  • Allow for the expansion of the faculty

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