Legal Aid Committee

Keeping in line with the concept of Pro Bono Publico, VLS has undertaken to uphold the cause of social justice by creating awareness amongst the weaker sections with regard to their rights, legal predicaments and providing legal assistance. Poverty and illiteracy should not be a constraint keeping justice beyond their reach. We have Legal Aid Committee imparting clinical legal education to the students.


  • To provide an arrangement so that machinery of administration of justice becomes easily accessible and within reach of those who have no means to resort to it.
  • To give practical experience to students while dealing with actual cases handled by the Centre.
  • To provide doorstep legal assistance, which may be otherwise denied, by reason of economic or other disabilities.
  • To help the students develop and realize their professional and social responsibility.
  • To spread legal literacy.


Legal Advice -Legal Aid Committee offers advice in legal matters to the poor and needy person.

Amicable Settlement of Disputes -Committee also strives to settle the disputes through counseling, negotiation, mediation and conciliation, etc.

Legal Literacy Programs -Legal literacy camps are conducted in rural areas and slums to spread legal awareness through lectures, street plays, posters exhibition, etc.

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