IT Services

The VLS strives to provide for a high quality, efficient and secure infrastructure that would enhance the productivity of all its users. To ensure this, the IT infrastructure and services is being constantly reviewed, maintained and updated by a separate IT Committee consisting of a few faculty members and technical staff. The technical staff is encouraged to constantly update their knowledge through periodic training programs.

The IT infrastructure has grown tremendously over the past few years. The bandwidth for Internet Services has been increased almost tenfold and is now 100 Mbps. This caters to the wireless network in the classrooms, academic block, library and faculty blocks. All classrooms are equipped with computers and projectors. To further enhance the quality of classroom experience “E-Class” equipments are installed in a few classrooms. This will soon be extended to other classrooms.

A good video conferencing facility is also provided to enable students to benefit from faculty located in other places within and outside India. A user policy has been formulated in order to encourage problem-free access to resources and minimize negative externalities. In order to further improve access to education we hope to soon have online Learning Management Tools. Steps are also being undertaken to ensure greater security of the network.

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