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The internship program is a critical element of professional legal education as it allows practical learning in real world settings from peers. In VLS, students have to intern every summer. Over the period of five years a student in a particular VLS interns with NGOs, trial courts, appellate courts, law firms and corporate firms.

It will help and ease students of all law branches to get placement in the chambers of Senior Counsel in the trial and appellate courts, or in law firms and corporate houses, or in NGOs, some amount of internship is absolutely necessary to prepare a graduate for the world of law practice. The BCI and the State Bar Councils could play a catalytic role in facilitating the internship programs.

The internship program, where it exists can be strengthened through rethinking the period of internship and the need for some amount of structuring through discussions with the bar, judiciary, law firms, corporate houses and NGOs.

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