Quality accommodation, separate for boys and girls, on a shared basis with clean and hygienic dining facility is provided by the VLS to desirous students. The hostels expose students to a variety of people, values and experiences. You’ll discover why it is one of the best places to study law as you make friends and develop contacts with mentors you’ll value for the rest of your life. VLS Hostel will provide you ample opportunity to move towards such association and keep-up the motto that education and stay, should go hand in hand in shaping your life. There is probably no other time in one’s life when you will live, work and study with so many other people. Living in a hostel will help our students develop sensitivity to those around them and learn consideration for one another as they will live and work together. The students’ welfare is taken care of by our trained, enthusiastic, motivated and committed hostel staff.

Hostels are equipped with all the necessary facilities for study and recreation. Both hostels and campus are strictly non-smoking zones and consumption of any category of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Students are permitted to visit their homes or local guardians at certain intervals. Keeping in view with the discipline and safety of the students, outing from the hostel is regulated.

Parents of VLS Hostel students are welcome to get involved in every aspects of hostel life. Parents are kept informed about hostel life of their wards through phone calls, e-mails and letters. They are guided for sound relationship with their peers. We strive to create an environment that celebrates diversity by bringing students together in a community where differences are respected, but where there is a common goal to promote learning.

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