Clinics & Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a mainstay module of Vidya Vikas Law School curriculum. Experiential programs complement the didactic lecture method of the traditional classroom. Hands-on learning allows students to develop practical skills, to explore potential career paths, to reflect on their professional identity, and to observe how the justice system functions.

VLS offers a wide range of opportunities for students to learn by doing, both in the classroom and beyond. It allows students to represent clients in litigation and transactional work, and to mediate civil cases, revenue cases in local courts, under the close supervision of full time faculty members. Students are allowed to work in non-profit law offices, governmental agencies, judicial chambers and corporate counsel offices while reflecting on their experiences through a concurrent seminar.

Numerous lawyering skills courses allow students to develop litigation, transactional, negotiation, mediation, and other skills.

Finally, pro bono programs offer students an opportunity to provide direct service to clients who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

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